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A good lock can keep out burglars and keep you safe in your home. Most break-ins are not meticulously planned and are easy to prevent. All you have to do is put in a good security lock and your house will not be an easy target for burglars anymore. Reach out to us at South OH Locksmith Store to install new locks  and we will handle the rest!

Some reasons why you may need to install new locks:

  • Increase the security of your property
  • Lost keys means locking system needs to be modified
  • A new house demands a change of locks

Whatever your locksmith needs, we are here!

South OH Locksmith Store Columbus, OH 614-662-0229One’s safety is the most important and should be the first priority. Changing locks or installing new locking systems seem like hassles so we tend to leave it until it is too late. It is best to not take your safety at home and workplace as a guarantee or pass it off as an afterthought.

We are in the business of providing you with the best security solutions for your home or business or fixing any lock and key related problems that may need fixing. We use the best brands and our locksmiths are your best bet to install new locks  so you and your security will be in capable hands.

Service you can count on:

Not only are our lockmasters capable of picking, fixing or installing new locks , they understand what it means to be a locksmith and be trusted with people’s security. You can rest assured that our locksmiths will not do anything immoral and break that connection of trust.

Call out charge? No!

We only bill and accept payment for work we have done and security problems we have solved. We do not charge you for going out to visit the property to assess the problem.

We operate across  South​ and the surrounding areas:

South OH Locksmith Store is the service provider you should reply on when it comes to your locksmith needs in . If you are anywhere in or around South and need a locksmith as soon as possible to install new locks , give us a call and we will send someone over in 20 minutes to assist you in any way they can.

Help is only a phone call away.

Our locksmiths are available 24 hours of the day every day of the week to help out. Whether you need a locksmith to install new locks or upgrade your security system, you can always rely on South OH Locksmith Store.