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A lock ensures that burglars or people who are not allowed to be in your property are kept out by acting as a physical barrier between them. They must be strong so that they are not easily outdone and your home or business is not broken into. A key is what opens the lock. One key only fits into one lock. Hence, locks cannot be opened without the proper keys and trespassers are not allowed in. This is why you need lock  and key services to keep these components in trim condition.

Protect important areas with a lock and key:

Locks and keys protect sensitive areas of your home of office premises from being broken into. However some places that need extra security are easily overlooked. Here are some areas with a building that need the attention of a lock and key service :

  • Front and back doors- These are the most vulnerable parts of the house that may need most protection. So choose a lock that will be best to keep these doors closed.

  • Patio and French doors- These do not directly lead into the house but are access points that burglars can exploit. Thus, high security is needed in these areas.

  • Garages and other areas- These are places that contain some of your most valuable equipment and you need to make sure they are well protected.

Call our lock & key specialists:

It is next to impossible to always guard our homes and businesses. Any time you are out of your home or are not present in your business premises, it is instinctive to worry about its safety. More so, if your security system is not good enough. This is why you need South OH Locksmith Store to provide you the best security for your property. Here are some of the lock and key services that we provide in :

  • South OH Locksmith Store Columbus, OH 614-662-0229New lock installation
  • Lock repair/ replacement
  • Extraction of broken keys
  • Lock upgrade
  • Car key making
  • Duplicating keys

And more

We stock every type of lock:

The market is vast and there are many types of locks available. We have a diverse array of locks in our stock for you to choose from. Use our lock and key service for setting up the best locks and to get the best locksmiths to protect your property.

Call us at 614-662-0229 today and book our service today for upgrading your security.